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Wednesday December 14

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6:30 PM  –  9:00 PM

Pink Flying Squirrels

How curiosity, a bit of luck, and a backyard discovery increased our understanding of ultraviolet fluorescence in animals.

In this presentation, Dr. Jonathan Martin, Associate Professor of Natural Resources, Northland College, will recount how trying to measure tree growth led to climbing trees, observing frogs, shinning a weird light at squirrels in woods at night, hanging out in the backrooms of museums and a zoo, and living with a National Geographic film crew in his garage.


Dr. Martin has spent his life in the woods, trying to figure out how it all works. He is a forest ecologist, and attempts to untangle the way that trees grow, the ways that forests interact with the atmosphere and disturbances, and how management and humans fit into all of this. Dr. Martin teaches and does research at a small environmental liberal arts college at the tip of Northern Wisconsin, where undergraduates steer his research curiosity into many unrelated but fascinating topics.